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What is important about money to you?

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When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.OSCAR WILDE
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Despite Oscar Wilde’s quote Money is not an end in itself. It is what you can do with your money that should be the focus of your attention.

Investors who are well informed can avoid the diminishing returns of following the crowd and completely stay clear of the ‘get rich quick’ merchants.

We can help you to identify your values, your priorities, your dreams and your life goals.

At Efficient Financial, our approach to investment management starts with the need to establish firm goals for the future use of capital.

Wealth creation and preservation in essence is about helping you make smart decisions about your financial future.

We passionately believe the financial well-being of people and their families drives to a large extent the quality of life that is enjoyed.

We can provide guidance in Wealth Management whether it is in the area of Wealth Creation or Wealth Preservation. Through the design and implementation of a comprehensive Financial Plan we can continually work towards your stated goals.

The real value of your investment portfolio is in the ability it gives you to meet your broader life goals.

At Efficient Financial we are confident that we can create an investment portfolio unique to your particular circumstances.

At Efficient Financial we promote a low-cost, market return approach that is designed to minimise costs, minimise risk, maximise tax efficiencies and reward the client.

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Wealth Management Services

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Our Wealth Management Services are of the highest professional standards and are comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs.

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What is important about money to you and what do you want to achieve i.e your objectives?

Our Process

  1. Initial Discovery Meeting
  2. The Concept Meeting
  3. The Financial Plan – Where you are now – Where you want to be – How to get there – The outcome
  4. The Implementation
  5. Maintenance Programme – Investment intelligence programme – Regular progress meetings – Communication – Rebalancing
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Do you want to access the investment big league?

At Efficient Financial, our investment methodology is based on a process called passive investing. And while the details are complex, the overall idea is simple. The safest, most reliable way to ensure good returns over time is to try to match the market returns — through low-cost index funds — rather than attempting to beat the market. Passive investing has decades of research to prove that it works.
Every Efficient Financial portfolio is either a range of index funds or a collection of globally diversified Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) selected to work together as a balanced whole and provide higher, more stable returns over time. Forty years of research has shown that this type of balanced, diversified investing helps reduce risk and improve returns.
Our approach is based on the Nobel Prize winning work of financial economists and has been developed from decades of empirical research. This approach, commonly referred to as “asset class investing”, is common within the institutional market but is rarely offered to private clients
Working with our firm provides our investors with access to these institutional asset class funds.

There are two major attributes of institutional asset class funds that attract institutional investors:

  • Lower operating expenses.
  • Lower turnover resulting in lower cost.
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Find out more

We would be delighted to expand on any of the above points over the phone, through reading material or by meeting in person with any of our financial advisors.