Typical Fee Schedule

Discovery Meeting

We do not charge for the initial Discovery Meeting held in our office.

The Discovery Meeting gives you the opportunity to assess if Efficient Financial can provide value for you, and in turn, allow us to determine if we deem our services of help to you.

There is no obligation on either party to progress matters beyond this meeting.

We are a fee based firm.

We work for YOU and provide a personalised service. The benefit of our fee structure means that we do not need to promote a product from which to get paid.

We will only accept work on the basis that we expect our fees to be good value for you, and that, in due course, the value will clearly be demonstrated.

If we agree that we want to work with each other, the fee structure will depend on the type and nature of the work undertaken. At all times, we will ensure that you are fully aware of any costs involved, before a commitment is made and any work done.

Scope of Services

We treat every client as an individual and after careful assessment of your needs and requirements we will determine a fee that we believe is justified and good value.

Fees are agreed in advance on an individual basis and work does not commence until you are in agreement.

Typically we find that what we charge depends on a combination of time involved, case difficulty and urgency of the client circumstances in overcoming specific issues

Financial Planning Fees

Our financial planning fees range from a minimum of €750 up to €5,000+ (plus VAT).

The fee depends on the complexity of specific personal and corporate circumstances.

Depending on the level of service the client requires they will receive some or all of the following:

Statement of current arrangements

Statement of your objectives

Commentary on the suitability of existing arrangements to meet your long-term income and capital objectives

Assessment of your attitude, capacity, tolerance and understanding to investment risk

Cash-flow analysis

Recommendations for any changes that we think necessary to achieve your objectives

Recommendation of a suitable investment portfolio to meet your long-term income and capital objectives

Asset-liability matching and assessment

Liquidity planning

Asset allocation reviews

Generational planning

Liaison with other Professional Advisers

Oversight of tax planning

Financial Plan

Financial Reviews and ongoing advice

Portfolio Fees

Portfolio Implementation Fees

The range of the implementation fee is between 5% and 0.5% depending on the scale of the capital invested. Typically the fee is between 2% and 3%.

A credit for the fee charged for the financial planning report (if applicable) may be set off against the implementation fees subject to discussion and scale of investment portfolio.

Annual Review and Balancing Fees

The annual review / rebalancing fee is up to 1% p.a. depending on the funds under management. Typically the fee 0.5% p.a.

Scope of Services – General Financial Advice

We offer specific financial planning and Financial Advice services.

Should you engage our services, a typical hourly charge for consultancy would be:

Head of Dept: €300 – €400 per hour

Paraplanner/Technical Support: €100 – €200 per hour

Adviser/Technical Specialist: €150 – €250 per hour

Personal Assistant/Business Co-ordinator: € 50 – €100 per hour

All Fees are discussed and agreed before any work is undertaken.