It is important that there are always sufficient assets to cover liabilities – and never more so but in the event of death – so that your dependents are provided for, and your estate secure.

In order to counter any possibility of dying too early or being ill for too long, the role of insurance is vital so that you have the necessary funds available.

This protects you, your family and indeed your business.

At Efficient Financial we can provide expert advice on a full range of protection products available in the market.

These may include:

Personal and Family Protection

Serious Illness Cover

Income Protection (Salary Continuance)

Inheritance Tax

Business Protection

We pride ourselves on being able to attain a thorough understanding of your financial position, matched with your personal financial goals in the event of illness, accident or death. We use this information to calculate very precise levels of cover and provide advice on the insurance contracts that not only match your needs, but have a proven track record. In making recommendations, we apply careful consideration to tax opportunities with regards to how, and who should own the policies.
Our qualified and highly experienced team of advisers document their recommendations by way of a comprehensive report – supported by an executive summary for simple future reference to the overall strategy. This will encompass any existing contracts already held.