Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an important reminder that geopolitical risk is a part of investing in global markets.

Even when a geopolitical event is combined with an economic recession (the “perfect storm”), “investors were very likely to experience gains three, six, and 12 months later. Patience was rewarded.”

As an investor, you should focus on things you can control (your asset allocation, costs, fees, tax deferral or avoidance), and ignore those you can’t.

Markets In Perspective: Russia – Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a deeply troubling event, and we are all shocked and saddened by the humanitarian situation.
The conflict will have its effect on the global financial markets and while the final outcome is unknown, it is important to put the situation into some context.

We do know about the importance of staying invested amid turbulent markets and negative headlines. This is one of the greatest challenges in determining our investment outcome. Knowing the right thing to do, during times like this can often be difficult.

Below we have included some charts to provide some historical factual data. Hopefully, this information will help you in navigating these turbulent times.